3 Wake-Up Workout Plans to Jumpstart Your Day


Did you know that a 15-minute daily morning routine can help you activate your brain into high gear and help you face your day with multitudes more positive energy? Here’s the deal; we have a plan for you. However, we warn you that the Neural Morning Primer can kick-start your day in ways that could easily make you want to do more work outs, but you can only do it for 15 minutes. That’s what makes it unique and always effective. Thank us later!

What’s a Neural Morning Primer?

The neural morning primer, or NMP, is a rather official-sounding name of a circuit-style exercise routine that’s so clever; it uses nothing but your bodyweight to push you toward success. It’s a quick sweat session that wakes up the body to begin the day productive. You jump out of bed (okay, so you slide out of bed), and throw yourself at the mercy of the day with an easy morning workout that won’t require you to brush your teeth or comb your hair first. Referred to as a sun salutation in the yoga community, this morning exercise has roots to thousands of years back. This primal delivery of morning goodies provokes an endorphin release that delivers on the kind of high energy needed to be productive.

How Can a Neural Morning Primer Kick-Start Your Day?

The Neural Morning Primer is more than a way to jolt your body into full-waking mode using only your bodyweight to accomplish this fete. It pumps oxygen into your system at a brisk rate, enhances your brain capacity and awakens every organ, cell and synapse throughout your body. This brief, 5-15 minute circuit-style routine pushes your nervous system into overdrive, floods your body with healthy hormones and your brain doesn’t move so much into productivity mode as it explodes with energy, readying you for whatever challenge the world throws your way. Yes, you’re at it hard before breakfast, but that’s part of the magic. You need an empty stomach to deal with insulin sensitivities and to push your system until it secretes human growth hormones. Sound too good to be true? Try it.

5 Rules for Your Quick Wake-Up Workout

Remembering that this isn’t a workout replacement but a novel approach to jump-starting the day so you function optimally, your at home workout has the potential to enervate you in amazing ways. Who said mornings have to be boring?

1. Get to work immediately

No morning laziness, walking the dog or checking your smartphone for selfie’s or memes. Get up and get moving to kick-start your easy morning workout.

2. Include at least one explosive movement

This can be jump squats, mountain climbers, lunges and push-ups. If you’ve got neighbors downstairs, you may want to buy a yoga mat to muffle the sounds made by the explosive moves that sound as though you’ve got tap dancers living in your bedroom.

3. Include at lease one static stretch

Having a fit body is useless if you can’t move freely. Plus, static stretching can help you feel more relaxed by releasing stress and tension in the muscles. The best way to increase your flexibility is to work on it every single day. A move as simple as touching your toes could do wonders for your hamstring and back flexibility. If you insist on making your daily stretch more exotic, feel free to indulge in Hindu Push-ups, Bulgarian Split Squats, or Spiderman Lunges.

4. Don’t overdo it

The magic of this workout is found in its brevity. If your goal is to wake yourself up in the morning and get in better shape, then limit the workout to 15 minutes. Any longer and you risk impairing your normal cardio or bodybuilding routine.

5. Set goals and prioritize them

Tailor your daily routine to what you want to improve in your body’s fitness. If you want to improve your booty, then throw in some lunges or squat jumps. If you’re a guy who wants to improve your chest, then crank out pushups till your body says no.

Three 15 Minute Workout Plans for Any Fitness Level

Beginner Wake up Workout

For each on these exercises, perform twice for 25 seconds followed by a 5 second rest to make each move a total of one minute. Perform 1-3 circuits.

Intermediate Wake-Up Workout

For each on these exercises, perform twice for 25 seconds followed by a 5 second rest to make each move a total of one minute. Perform 2-3 circuits.

Advanced Wake-Up Workout

For each on these exercises, perform for 50 seconds followed by a 10 second rest before moving on to the next exercise. Perform 2 circuits total.

A final word

There are many reasons to adopt daily routines and the following are just the tip of the iceberg. Put your regular 15-minute workout into practice and don’t be surprised to discover that the changes you experience extend far beyond the way you look.

  1. You’ll become more efficient when you do this easy morning workout.
  2. You won’t have to plan as much once this workout becomes routine.
  3. You add critical structure to your life with this at home workout.
  4. You’ll save time; days are freed up because your morning warm up is done.
  5. You’ll develop good habits and break bad ones.
  6. You’ll find that you’re more proficient at everything you do.
  7. You’ll learn valuable lessons in prioritization.
  8. There’s a good chance you could stop procrastinating!
  9. Your self-confidence will soar as you reach your fitness goals.
  10. Your stress levels could diminish. Who couldn’t use more time in the mellow lane?